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When beginning the journey of writing your Autobiography, Memoir or Life's Story are you struggling with what to write?

Where should you even Start?

How much should you share?

Have you tried to get started and are struggling?

Writing your memoir or autobiography is a very powerful and personal process.

This is YOUR life story and sharing it with the world will be an impactful experience for both you and your readers.

That's why we invite you to an informative and interactive writing experience!

Who this course is for:

  • Suitable for new writers or experienced writers who want to share their life story
  • Anyone who is unsure how to get started and what to share about their life journey
  • Anyone interested in educating, inspiring or entertaining others with a memoir or autobiography


What you will learn:

  • Identify the stories to share and understanding your WHY
  • Get clarity on your intention and how your story will impact the reader
  • Understand 3 styles of writing a memoir or autobiography and real-life examples from several authors
  • Apply techniques to stay motivated and committed to finish writing your life story

What you will receive:

  • A step-by-step 50 min instructional lecture on how to write your life story
  • 5 warm-up writing prompts to get their creative and expressive writing ideas flowing
  • A powerful technique to get your creativity flowing and start writing your life story during this webinar
  • In invitation for a complimentary call with Presenter and Writing Coach Jenelle Wolhberg or Presenter and Publishing Strategist Dawn James

Clients we helped write their story

Start Writing Your Story Today

We have carefully crafted several prompts that will inspire you to put pen to paper and begin writing specific parts of your life story DURING this course.

What are you waiting for?

Let's begin!

how to write your memoir, how to write your autobiography, your life story should be told

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About presenter DAWN JAMES

  • Managing Director of Publish and Promote
  • Over 20 years publishing experience including books, magazines, newspapers
  • Has worked with over 400 authors teaching them the business of self-publishing since 2010
  • Business/Publishing strategist with a flair for marketing
  • Hosts an annual writers’ retreats in Costa Rica called The Right Place to Write
  • 8x Author


About presenter JENELLE WOHLBERG

  • CEO of Jenelle Wohlberg Communications
  • 20 years of professional communication experience
  • Written for and advised corporate moguls, provincial and municipal administrators and politicians, influencers/advocates, coaches, consultants and communicators
  • Helped authors bring their memoirs to life
  • Written speeches for speakers that leave an audience speechless
  • Avid writer, reader, speaker and writing coach